Professional Resources and Downloads for ALECENSA® (alectinib)

The tools below provide important supplemental information for your practice and patients.

Clinical Resources

ALECENSA® (alectinib) Full Prescribing Information PDF

ALECENSA Full Prescribing Information

Learn more about ALECENSA by reviewing the full Prescribing Information.

ALECENSA® (alectinib) Clinical Overview Brochure PDF

ALECENSA Clinical Overview Brochure

Detailed clinical information about ALECENSA efficacy, safety, and more.

ALECENSA® (alectinib) Dosing and Administration Guide PDF

ALECENSA Dosing and Administration Guide

A comprehensive guide about important dosing information for ALECENSA.

Patient Resources

ALECENSA® (alectinib) Patient Information Guide PDF

ALECENSA Patient Information Guide

Outlines important information about ALECENSA to share with your patients.

ALECENSA® Patient Starter Kit

ALECENSA Patient Starter Kit

Contact a representative to receive important tools and resources to help patients get started with their ALECENSA treatment.

The ALK Positivity Project

The ALK Positivity Project

Hear from real people who have been treated with ALECENSA, and how they stay positive. Share this with your patients to inspire them to find their own reasons for staying positive.

Authorized Distributors of ALECENSA

Learn more about authorized specialty distributors of ALECENSA.

Genentech BioOncology® Access Solutions

Access Solutions

Genentech BioOncology Access Solutions offers a range of access and reimbursement support to help patients begin treatment as soon as possible.

The Access Solutions logo is a registered trademark of Genentech, Inc. Genentech BioOncology® is a registered trademark of Genentech, Inc.

Financial Support for Patients

Learn more about ALECENSA patient and practice resources.

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Contact a Representative

Contact your local Genentech representative for more information about ALECENSA.