Treatment options for people with ALK+ mNSCLC include therapies called ALK inhibitors that target abnormal ALK proteins. ALK inhibitors work by blocking the abnormal ALK protein responsible for the growth and spread of ALK+ mNSCLC.

ALECENSA is an ALK inhibitor that helps treat ALK+ metastatic NSCLC.

ALECENSA is approved to treat people with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread to other parts of the body and whose type of NSCLC is caused by an abnormal anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene (ALK+ mNSCLC). To be eligible to take ALECENSA, a diagnostic test must confirm that your NSCLC is caused by abnormal ALK proteins. It is not known if ALECENSA is safe and effective in children.

If you and your doctor decide that ALECENSA is right for you, treatment goals may be set to see how your ALK+ mNSCLC tumors respond to treatment with ALECENSA. 

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